about me

Hi, I'm Gem!

And the little guy all over my website is my dysfunctional sidekick, Bones! Bones is my psychiatric service dog dropout and best friend. 

Trying (and ultimately failing) to owner-train Bones is what inspired me to learn about dog training and behavior. I strive to help other owner-trainers avoid making the same mistakes that I did as a novice.

I have 3+ years of animal industry experience in a variety of subsects including dog daycare, shelter work, and dog training.

I forayed into professional writing after a stint as the News Section Editor for the CU Denver Sentry, and have since been published in OUTFRONT Magazine and 303 Magazine. 

I started The Helper Dog Blog in September 2018 to serve as a resource for owner-trainers looking for information about their rights as service dog handlers. 

Writing & Editing Experience

Writing and editing have been my passions for as long as I can remember. When you get writing from me, you get the whole nine yards. I have experience working for print and digital publications as well as writing content for blogs and social media profiles.

Animal Industry Experience

I love animals so much it’s a borderline obsession. From rats to cats to dogs teeny-weeny to absolutely gigantic, working with animals is something I never want to stop. I’ve been gifted with incredible opportunities in the animal industry. 

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